Thinking about pitbulls and resources

This page is a public window into the repository of literature dedicated to pitbulls, both academic and in the news (specific to Montreal), that I am consulting for for my research project titled “Contested Companionship: The Precarity of Pitbull-type dogs”. I have been lusting for organization with this media but have been failing so perhaps the accountability of the possible wandering eyes over this page will help me! Moreso, if random things come into my peripheral, I will also post!  If this page stumbles across your path and you have other resources, do holla!

Academic Literature

Montreal Media

Random Media and pitbull spottings
(Green Room. 2015, Jeremy Saulnier): There is a proper blue-nose pitbull in the Green Room, a film about a punk band kicking neo-nazi and white supremacists! The pitbull featured in the Green Room belongs to a white supremacist and responsible for mauling a few of the “good characters”. Yet in the end, the little guy is liberated and running throughout the complex. Sadly, the final scene is of the pitbull finding his guardian dead on the ground as the authorities come. Resting his head on this guy, the viewers know the fate of him. Thus, this film was not of great representation for pitbull dogs, bringing them into the same exasperate scenarios.



awful news stories that I hope to be a resource for my research