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My name is Stephanie and this began as a blog for a course about Feminist Animal Liberation/Rights (toggling between the two) and my first steps into critical animal studies. The class is complete but I am going to keep this blog to continue the conversation and document future thoughts. I am a MSc student at Concordia University in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment where I study concepts such as: pest animals, environmental governance, biopolitics, urban spaces, domination, invasive species ..etc.. all within the frameworks of feminism (this encompassess a LOT), anarchist principles, post-colonial studies, critical animal studies, veganism, political palates/food accessibility and critical geography. I hope to one day also study animals in the tourist industry (a major interest of mine, that I am sidelining for the time being) such as the now-famous albino squirrels in Toronto. A little bit more about me, I co-habit with the most beautiful ginger lion named Burzum and elderbull Clementine, they both teach me daily. I am an animal liberationist and social justice activist, and plan to one day start a feminist collective/bookstore/resource/sanctuary for all beings/ space with my favourite person Sonmin.

Tortuous Art & Anti-pitbull Propaganda: “Dogs that Cannot Touch Each Other”

Floating around on internet right now, and surely making its way into people’s conversations, is the 7-minute video to be shown at the New York Guggenheim exhibit Art and China after 1989. The footage is captured from the 2003 performance … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘Staying with the trouble: Making kin the Chthulucene’

I have been holding onto Staying with the trouble: Making kin the Chthulucene for a few months now, and found the most perfect time to read it, on my way to Boston to the AAG 2017. There were a series of … Continue reading

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Project: What is it like to live with a pitbull in the face of BSL?

I am really excited to include this poster on this blog. I have decided to do a research project on the affects of BSL in Montreal after having so many conversations with people, and my personal involvement with working, breathing … Continue reading

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a shady re-imagination of world(s)

I have been left uncomfortably, with a lingering pit in my stomach, after attending a panel at McGill on “Social and the Environment: Multidisciplinary Perspectives”. The panel was asked to talk about growth/ degrowth/ sustainability/ change/ activism/ society and the … Continue reading

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a murmur

I want to start blogging again. Not only that, I want to start feeling myself. I feel myself moving out of a two-year mourning period. Indications are: I am asking questions, I am excitable!?, I am being more open and … Continue reading

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Kim Tallbear on an indigenous logic of relationality

I just walked home from a talk at ConcordiaU entitled Distrupting settlement, sex, and nature: An indigenous logic of relationality by Kim Tallbear (PhD). This was a talk where your heart explodes exponentially and you cannot stop nodding your head and jotting … Continue reading

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Public declarations of pitbull love

Clementine and myself attended a march yesterday organized by “Protection Pitbull” in Montreal, a gathering to recognize the importance of coming together, nonhuman and human animals, to publicly demonstrate the love and solidarity shared between pitbull-tytpe dog’s and humans. The … Continue reading

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