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Invasive Species lecture at University of Waterloo

I am incredibly excited for a guest lecturer coming to my school Dr. Tom Stolhgren. This coming Thursday the March 12th, at 5:30pm he will be speaking about invasive species. The event page reads: “Invasive species may be the number one … Continue reading

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Politicizing Urban Wildlife

Reading List 1. Urban wild things: A cosmopolitical experiment. Steve Hinchliffee, Matthew Kearness, Monica Degen, Sarah Whatmore. Environment and Planning Development 2005, 23(5). 2. Risky Zoograpgies: The limits of place in avian flu management. Natalie Porter 2012. 3. Tales of … Continue reading

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Watch out! The complicated tales of ‘invader’ species

“An animal is rarely just an animal. And an animal is particularly precious when wrapped in a flag” (Coates, 2015, pg. 60). A provocative category of animals deemed ‘invasive’ is evoking deep-rooted sentiments of nationalism, racism, colonialism and fear of the foreign or the … Continue reading

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