My first vegan bake sale!

I am not fond of baking, mostly because I struggle following recipes and like to combine 2-5 alternative recipes for the same good. This strategy to get the *best of everything* ends up comprising the very essence of baking. Nonetheless, I had an opportunity to bake for the third time in my life. The bake sale was organized my K.O.A.L.A (*read: Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance) to raise some money for the Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. I have not had a chance to get up there (plans are in the works!!) but Cedar Row is a sanctuary in Stratford Ontario for rescued farm(ed) animals. We raised just under $200.00 which is pretty awesome.

As mentioned above, I am not the fondest of baking but it was fun to bake vegan for the first time for people. I of course looked for something with pumpkin because it is easily one of my favourite things/foods/tastes. I made vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with the help of my friend Justin. The first batch ended up being ginormous cookies that became sandwich cookies with an avocado-hazelnut beverage-chocolate mouse.  The mouse was surprisingly really good and the avocado flavour was masked. It was fun to bake this, and they turned out good. I will definitely make them again! We handed out pamphlets from Action for Animals, called Sweet Vegan Recipes which has an amazing recipe for peanut butter chocolate truffles, which are so so good.

Below are three photos: the poster for the bake sale, my cookie batter and the table!





About Stephanie

My name is Stephanie and this began as a blog for a course about Feminist Animal Liberation/Rights (toggling between the two) and my first steps into critical animal studies. The class is complete but I am going to keep this blog to continue the conversation and document future thoughts. I am a MSc student at Concordia University in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment where I study concepts such as: pest animals, environmental governance, biopolitics, urban spaces, domination, invasive species ..etc.. all within the frameworks of feminism (this encompassess a LOT), anarchist principles, post-colonial studies, critical animal studies, veganism, political palates/food accessibility and critical geography. I hope to one day also study animals in the tourist industry (a major interest of mine, that I am sidelining for the time being) such as the now-famous albino squirrels in Toronto. A little bit more about me, I co-habit with the most beautiful ginger lion named Burzum and elderbull Clementine, they both teach me daily. I am an animal liberationist and social justice activist, and plan to one day start a feminist collective/bookstore/resource/sanctuary for all beings/ space with my favourite person Sonmin.
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